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Belgian Waffles
Belgian Waffles
Sale price: $9.99

Wonderful breakfast vape perfect for morning, noon or night!

USA hand crafted E-Liquid
Made to order

Customer Reviews

Review by  Yvonne Anderson
(posted on Nov 30, 2013)
This one is super yummy! I mix mine with Strawberry Banana and it can be mixed with just about any fruit flavor. It's just like eating waffles drowned in syrup. I vape this one every morning. If you haven't tried it, it's a must try! I wouldn't go without this one. It's a must on my vape list. Just ordered me some more. Delicious!
Review by  Mattshredner92
(posted on Aug 12, 2013)
Everything uve loved from eating them waffles drowned in hot syrup all in a vape form as Belgian waffles, pretty darn good juice all the flavors are there makes me wanna go make some waffles haha. So anyways, swing by spring vapor grab ya bottle of this juice fill up ur carto or atty tank and vape on.
Review by  five
(posted on Jul 30, 2013)
Belgian Waffles is my favorite SpringVapor juice. I've let my friends try it, and I've never heard anyone have anything negative to say about it. Tastes like maple syrup, and mixes well with almost any fruit flavor.
Review by  Barry Beck
(posted on Mar 29, 2013)
This flavor pleasantly surprised me. I ordered it plain (so I could add diffent flavors later on if I wanted). The flavor had many undertones of baking spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and some others... This is a great morning vape. If you find yourself getting tired of the Belgian Waffle, then try adding a few drops of another flavor to it... I added some Georgia Peach to mine and the new mixture was excellent!!! I will be ordering more. Maybe this time I'll go ahead and request the other flavor to be mixed in when I place my order. This is a very good vape, especially in the morning or as a dessert vape.
Review by  moorea
(posted on Oct 29, 2011)
My SprinVapor juice has arrived!! I was very excited to vape the waffles so that is what I tried first. I enjoyed it very much. I purchased it with a little added strawberry and it was a nice mix of waffle flavor and strawberries. I am now looking forward to trying it with Raspberry as well as with no additional flavors! I used an atty and dripped for my first try as not to ruin a carto in the event that I did not enjoy it, now that I have tried it, I'm going to go fill a tank with a fresh carto, it is worthy!
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