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Black Label Honey Flue Cured Tobacco
Black Label Honey Flue Cured Tobacco
Sale price: $9.99

Deep, rich tobacco kissed with a touch of country honey

USA hand crafted E-Liquid
Made to order

Customer Reviews

Review by  Brandy Hanwell
(posted on Dec 24, 2014)
I love the taste, but can only use this one if I am home alone...... it apparently has an awful smell to others around you. My co-workers and family complains it smells like stale urine. Ironic seeing as it tastes great and nothing like stale urine!
Review by  Louis Hymel
(posted on Jan 09, 2014)
The taste is OK but the oder is not pleasant. Everone around me complained about the smell. No more of this one.
Review by  Goodie
(posted on Oct 30, 2013)
Other people says this stuff really stinks. However this stuff really taste that good!!!! After spending hundreds of dollars on Eliquids from other local vendors I have finally found my flavor. Spring vapor need to expand out to California because that's where i am at and I know others like me will love your stuff. Local vendors would curiously ask where I get my eliquids from and I tell them (with pride) that I order my stuff only from Spring Vapor in Texas. Great quality stuff. Keep up the great work guys!!!
Review by  22
(posted on Jul 14, 2013)
Taste like a sweet yuchhy tobaco!
Review by  dballa
(posted on May 23, 2013)
This flavor taste pretty good kind of suttle verry smooth but the only problem i had was a few people i worked with and my wife said it stinks but i also got the extra flavor added im thinking that might be the reason that the smell is so strong
Review by  Phil S
(posted on Feb 04, 2013)
This stuff is great. A lot of honey flavor along with the tobacco. The best part about this juice is what it does to other juices. I'm still kind of new to vaping (4 months) and I have ordered a lot of samplers from a lot of companies. As you can imagine, I have a lot of bottles of duds- stuff I just did not like on its own. I ordered extra bottles of this juice because I found I can mix the this with just about any juice I have and it tastes great!
Review by  Billy S.
(posted on Jan 19, 2013)
This is very good. Great taste, not to sweet, with full tobacco flavor. I like it for after dinner.
Review by  Jessi
(posted on Nov 21, 2012)
This is a great juice. The flavor is fantastic! Nik is great and orders always arrive quickly. I buy my eliquid exclusively from Spring Vapor.
Review by  Pam Kersey
(posted on Nov 07, 2012)
My husband loves this one. He likes to mix it half and half with the Black Label B&M. He vapes this mixture exclusively. I like it too, but I've been using the RY4 most of the time so far. We both think the Honey Flue Cured has a great honey flavor and the B&M has a great chocolate flavor.
Review by  Danielle E
(posted on Oct 30, 2012)
This is the smoothest tobacco that i have ever tasted! No harshness! My new favorite tobacco juice!
Review by  Gabriel
(posted on Sep 12, 2012)
I must say I was blown away from the taste of this juice. It has an robust earthiness much like the real thing without the harshness that sometimes comes from smoking tobacco and with a smooth sweetness that sneaks up on you. Reminds me very much of a Honey Maple pipe tobacco that I really enjoyed years ago.
Review by  Val S.
(posted on Aug 17, 2012)
This is a mild tobacco, not like the chinese tobaccos, with honey on the back end. No chemical taste at all. I LOVE IT!
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