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eGo K
eGo K
Sale price: $64.99
List price: $79.99
You Save19%

2x eVod Batteries (1100mah) 

2x iClear16 tanks

1x USB Charging Cable

1x Wall Adaptor

1x eGo Zipper Carrying Case

***2 FULL eCigarettes*** Includes 5 click on/off feature

Customer Reviews

Review by  BizzyStamper
(posted on Jun 23, 2014)
I switched to the Ego vaporizer in Jan of this year. I haven't smoked a cig since. This is the closest alternative to a real cigarette I've ever tried. The staff at Spring Vapor is fantastic. They are all knowledgeable, courteous and extremely helpful. I give them 2 thumbs up! :)
Review by  Tom
(posted on May 10, 2014)
I have been to this store two times. The first time, I wanted to try an eGo because I was unsatisfied with regular ecigs and went back to regular cigarettes. My sales person explained everything in detail and made sure I got a juice I really liked. I was very pleased with my experience there. The second time I went, I bought another eGo kit for wifey and 10 replacement tanks. Again, the service was excellent and all of the sales persons (4 or 5) were very friendly and greeted me when I walked in. So far i am very pleased with the products bought from Spring Vapor and their employees are very likeable people. I have no doubt I will be making more purchases there.
Review by  Bryce
(posted on Mar 06, 2014)
Got this ego k vape a few days ago, and i've got to say it's one of the best purchases i've made as of late. The customer service was extremely sexy at spring vapor, i would recommend to anyone!

Much light, and love.
Review by  Tisa
(posted on Feb 28, 2014)
Its perfect... exactly what I needed to keep my cravings away... I was so pleased when it came in the mail today!!!! I like coffee and vanilla flavors so I got the Caramel Vanilla Cappuccino my daughter got pure frost because shes a menthol smoker.. also ordered the harvest tobacco to mix with these ! Cant wait...
Review by  Cloud 9
(posted on Feb 18, 2014)
After being a smoker for 13 years and smoking a pack a day, I am very suprised I haven't had a craving for a real cig since I bought my starter kit. Thank you Spring Vapor. Also, the customer service and knowledge at this place is very good. I would recomend this place to anyone...
Review by  Wein
(posted on Dec 27, 2013)
I received the EGO-T kit as a gift from my son. I was reluctant at first, but with the wonderful and patient customer service of Nic and Anja, I am cigarette free after 40 years of smoking. They are fantastic mailing my order out and living 1800 miles away the service is prompt. There isn't any offensive odors on my clothing & hair any longer. Nor am I looking for a private space to go light up where I won't offend the non smokers. The selection of fun flavors is amazing. If you are a die hard menthol smoker, I suggest the Creme de Menthe ( with xtra flavor ) it's my favorite. My health has improved and food tastes as it should. Thank you so very much Nic and Anja, your assistance with my questions is so very appreciated.
Review by  Joe Glover
(posted on Dec 15, 2013)
It is busy as heck in there but there was good help. I went in yesterday not knowing what I was getting in to but I walked out with a starter kit and my MNRG and 555 e liquids and I got to say I will be back. That and sence I bought it I have been with out snuff and plan on keeping it that way
Review by  John
(posted on Oct 09, 2013)
This is a great product from a superb company. Awesome customer service and very friendly and easy to deal with. I will totally suggest this company to friends.
Review by  jse
(posted on Sep 16, 2013)
I go into spring vapor not knowing what to expect & not wanting to give up my cigarettes! I got the eGo-T and I really like it. I tried a Chinese company a year ago & it turned me off to e-cigs but so many people that I know are using them I thought I might try again. I'm glad I did! I got home & my wall adapter was broken so I called up dashing nic and he said to bring it back in & they would replace it no problem. I still haven't got back in to replace but as nice as they all are, i'm sure it won't be a problem. I've had a little trouble giving up my cigs but i'm doing what I could not have done without the e-cig. Thanks spring vapor.
Review by  chick
(posted on Sep 10, 2013)
Review by  heather siler
(posted on Sep 05, 2013)
My husband and I bought ours last night. I can honestly say that this is one of the best investments we have ever made. Great customer service and great people. Thank you so much.
Review by  kelly jackson
(posted on Jun 09, 2013)
First tings first,
Anja, you are the best!
Now on the the EGO, this thing produces some serious vapor! Im talking
A very thick flavorfull vapor! If you close your eyes and didnt know had it in your hand
You would never know you werent smoking a ciggarette.
I have been a 2 pack a day smoker for many years and have not even
Had the slightest craving since getting the Ego.
Also Anja was the most patient and helpful sales person i have ever met.
Spring vapor rocks.
This is for the 2 pcs of chit who stole the coils while Anja was assisting me, you
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