Juice Additives and Extra Flavoring

Nov 5, 2017

Due to the regulations put in place by the FDA, we finally have to come to a close when it comes to adding any of our house additives to any flavors in shop. Meaning that you will no longer be able to order your flavors with any optional additives mixed in house. In an effort to still provide the flavors you know and love, we are offering the flavoring additives directly to the consumer to allow you to still create your flavor the way you like it.

The Breeze, Frost, Sour, and Sweet additives will be available in 10ml bottles for $10, and are treated as an add on item in the same drop down box that the additives have always been. The default option will be "None" and the available option will be the 10ml bottle labeled as "(Flavor) Additive Bottle" respectively.

Each of the bottles will come with a proper dosing chart for each of the additives for all of our bottle sizes.

The Bottles that the additives are available in, drip at a rate of .001ml per drop, meaning that the 10ml bottle will yield 1000 drops. The additives are added in a "1 drop of additive per milliliter of the bottle size" ratio, and will yield 10, 100ml bottles will the full strength of the additives. Half frost will yield a longer usage of the additive bottle as your are not dosing at a full strength.


End Double Extra Flavoxtra Flavor are going away as a selectable option, however, all our flavors online will come, as standard, with Double Extra Flavoring, at no additional cost.

The majority of our online customers strictly shop our online store for the option of adding extra flavor, an option we used to charge for, and didn't offer in store. Now that we can no longer have alterable additives for our juices, we decided to just go with Double extra Flavor, over Extra Flavor, and Regular Flavor, is mostly as an "all or nothing" scenario, and rather than taking the option away entirely, we would offer the most we could.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause for some of you, and we apologize we can no longer do all the things we have been doing for you for quite some time, but we know this will allow even more personalization to your vaping experience. Now you can find the exact level of menthol, sweet, and sour that is perfect for your tastes.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you soon! :)

-Spring Vapor