Pepper's Mint

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Score: 4.50. Votes: 4
Score: 4.50. Votes: 4
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  • Gina Rinesmith
    This is my absolute favorite. Do not tone it down, this is the only juice that I use anymore. I live in Pa and only order from Spring Vapor. It is a strong mint, very intense. I mix it with pure frost. A great icy sensation. Love it!!!
  • M
    Please do not tone this down, it is perfect just the way it is!
  • Ashley
    If you are crazy about menthol, you'll love this! Tastes like a marlboro smooth
  • Alex
    The flavor itself is nice in concept, but the first draw I took had me breathing ice for five minutes. It has underlying peppermint flavors, but it quickly gets masked by a pure, unadulterated mint extract taste/feeling -- I'd say it's the 'Absolut' of mint ejuice. I'm sure some will enjoy this, but I'd really rather have something mellow and minty, similar to peppermints. Currently I'm hoping that it will mellow out a bit after steeping it a while, but I'm worried it may just strengthen. I'm also going to try it on something other than a RDA, for science.  @Spring Vapor - I really suggest toning this one down a bit, it has a lot of potential to be really delicious but the mint is just too intense.