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Score: 4.84. Votes: 19
Score: 4.84. Votes: 19
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  • Jona Wolfe
    I've tried many caramel apple vapes. This one wins hands down. And the smell is pure heaven!
  • Anna D
    My favorite sweet vape. Whenever this is in the tank, I get remarks of how good the exhale smells. To me this tastes of Caramel apples and maybe funnel cake. Delicious. I have to rotate it out with other juices or I will chain vape the whole bottle in no time.
    Addicted to this flavor I love it
  • Ashton
    A friend of mine had this flavor. I fell it love with it! It is so good!! Try it!
  • pimpin pimpin
    Holy wacka wacka... This is the shiznit
  • Jamie
    I ordered extra flavor, 50/50, 18 mg. I like this one a lot. I taste the caramel apple, but I also get a hint of what almost reminds me of buttered popcorn Jelly Beans (which happens to be my favorite candy-so yay on that one!) This is another one that was born on 12.23.2013 that I gave a little TLC (a daily routine of uncapping, pressing the air out of the bottle, and shaking) and it just got better and better.
  • TXvape
    This is my new flavor,it is that good!
  • Momma8
    From day one with this. This is so amazingly awesome. My kids say it smells like "Birthday Cake" to them. I say it is luscious goodness. Caramels and apple are all I can say about this one. Try It! You will want more. Thanks Spring Vapor for all of your help.
  • CDrad
    Stopped in a couple if days ago during my vacation, looking at the reviews on this I had to try. Glad I did! Great vape!!
  • Laurie kwaz
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Carnival! Can't stop vaping it. It is creamy caramel, with a tart apple, YUM!!!
Items: 110 of 16, per page