Caramel Vanilla Cappuccino

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Score: 4.76. Votes: 21
Score: 4.76. Votes: 21
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    I am back after a 1 year absence. I have been trying to duplicate locally here in Arizona. None are even close to your juice.
  • Jona Wolfe
    Another winner! Try adding a touch of Nik's creamy peanut butter. Unbelievable!
  • Rosa Jones
    OMG Nik! I thought I had settled on my favorite ejuices, but today my daughter and I stopped at the store and she got this flavor to try out at 0nic and let me try it. I love it so much I'm going to have to get some before it's time for my next order.  The flavor is better than any Starbucks lattes.
  • Myevosnzs
    Great flavor I really like the after taste of it I will be getting my stuff from spring from now on
  • John
    Holy crap that was good! bought it at the local store and man it hit the spot. Very flavorful and mixed well. my favorite flavor so far. 50/50, 6mg, kanger mini protank 2, 1.8ohms, lavatube.
  • Jen
    I feel bad giving this only 3 stars but I just don't like it. However, it is smooth and puts out great smoke vapor. I think it's quality is great I just didn't enjoy the flavor. I think it's my mistake for ordering something with caramel. I love eating caramel but have yet to enjoy it as an e liquid. I tried to mix it with Cows Milk to make it possible to use but its a no go for my taste buds. I'm not giving up on Spring Vapors though- just need to find my right flavor. It's really hard ordering online with no way to test it out!
  • Tt
    I have not found any coffee flavor that even compares to this Flavor!! A friend was vaping this one day, and I had to try it!!! Absolutely amazing flavor!! Always gotta have some in the frig:) 
  • Stephanie Winters
    I LOVE this juice....very flavorful, not too strong....just right!!! I hope to see some more coffee flavors in the future....
  • Sidney
    I love this flavor, really tastes like it's name! It is very full of good flavor and very sweet as well, but not too sweet. I just started vaping so not much to compare it with from experience. I will buy it again and plan on vaping it a lot! Sidney
  • Derek J Holak
    This a really great juice!! I have two more flavors to try yet and will post those reviews after trying them!! Thanks!!!!
Items: 110 of 20, per page