Candy Surprise

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Score: 4.86. Votes: 7
Score: 4.86. Votes: 7
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  • Michael Long
    This is a very rich flavor which I happen to like , it's deep and sweet. I ordered double flavor and let it steep with the cap off , shook it continouslyand wha-la. I Dripped this particular bottle at 12 mg and man wow head rush and flavor explosion. I tastes very similar to G2's Mr. Cookie to me but 10x's the flavor. Very complex and satisfying. Way to go guys, keep it up cause I simply love to buy locally.
  • Jona Wolfe
    Absolutely delicious. Creamy rich cheesecake with caramel apples. So good
  • BGosch
    If I could only pick one flavor to vape for the rest of my vaping days, it would be this one. Tastes just like the description says...only better. Try it!
  • Willdean
    So amazingly delicious. Sweet and creamy.