Black Label RY4

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Score: 4.95. Votes: 20
Score: 4.95. Votes: 20
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  • Kevin Bania
    I've tried several RY4's from various vendors, and Black Label RY4 has become my go-to daily vape. I like 70 PG / 30 VG. Great price, best quality juice I've had. Perfect blend of tobacco and caramel flavors hit first, and the vanilla lingers with a bit of subtlety. Spring Vapor's personalized little messages on my orders is a treat to get every time I order, and I appreciate their attention to detail in the entire ordering process, from product quality to service quality.
  • Mike
    This is the best juice I have ever tried!! I can stop using it!! If you are looking for a all day every day juice this is it! Thanks spring vapor!!
  • Paul Kelly
    I try to never run out.
  • Peggy Burch
    The RY4 is absolutely awesome! I loved the taste - but then I was drinking a toffee nut latte from Starbucks while vaping on the RY4 - couple the two together and its fantastic...highly recommend this flavor
  • Jessi
    A perfect RY4. I love this one!! I have been very pleased with all of the flavors I have tried. My favorite is the RY4 and the Flue Cured. Great job Nik!
  • Pam Kersey
    I love this one. It reminds me of a Werther's Original candy. It's heavy on the caramel taste. I think the flavor gets even better if I let it sit around for a few weeks.
  • mikeRC51
    love the RY4. Nik and spring vapor are second to none in customer service. I have tried other e-cig stores and websites and have always come back to spring vapor. Highly recommend this flavor and am trying to convert everyone I know to spring vapor!
  • Snus
    This one took me a little time to really get into! It is definitely full of flavor. At first, I got a licorice taste. I let it steep for a bit and now, all the flavors have blended together very nicely and I can not seem to put this one down! Yum! Give this one a try, you will NOT be disappointed! Thanks, Nik!
  • Daniel
    This is a great RY4.... Heavier on the caramel than the vanilla and packs a good throat hit while being smooth on the palate. Always hand-mixed by Nik himself. Best to buy at least a 30ml. You won't be able to put it down!
  • Kristine
    Just got my RY4 and OMG it is Awesome just the right mix has great vape and great flavor Thanks NiK
Items: 110 of 20, per page